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Our Restaurant


Welcomes you during the season: everyday from 12pm to 2pm and from 7pm to 9.30pm

Off season: Closed on Saturdays for lunch and on Sunday evenings.

Enjoy our gastrnomic restaurant with authentic French Cuisine, with mostly local and ingredients. Our cuisine is traditional and uses seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Suggested Menus


    • Daily menu 17 €

(Only served for Lunch, during the week)
(+2.50€ with a glass of wine)

Dish of the day
Dessert of the day


    • Dinner menu 36 €

Rouget tartine with vegetables form the south
Duck Foie gras half baked, Apple set


Duck Magret, Piperade and Roasted potatoes
Dorade Filet, Gnocchi w/ Basil


Cheese Plate from our Region (+10€)


Delicatessens from the “XI Côté Loire”
Pear Crumble/Pineapple and its Sorbet


    • Children’s Menu 14 €

Dish of your Choice
Dessert of your Choice

A La Carte


    • Starters:

Gourmet Salad with Duck Lagret and smoked poultry – housemade: 17€

Fresh Salmon and Shrimps Salad, Vinegar and Raspberries: 18€

Half Cooked Duck Magret, Apple Set: 17€

Rouget Tartine With Vegetables Form The South: 18€

    • Meat and Fish:

Beef Filet, Sweet Potato Cake, Stuffed Eggplant, Mushroom Sauce: 30€

Roasted Scallops, Panais with Vanilla Cream, juice: 28€

Lamb Ribs, Sweet Chorizo Sauce, Potato Gratin: 30€

Dorade Filet, Gnocchi w/ Basil: 26€

    • Cheeses and Desserts :

Cheese Plate From Our Region: 12€

Delicatessens from the “XI Côté Loire”: 10€

Citruses Tartelettes,Mirabelle Mousseline: 10€

Chocolate Fondant, Mascarpone Vanilla: 10€